How Much Is A Z Pack Without Insurance

How Much Is A Z Pack Without Insurance

The average retail price for generic Zithromax is $37.22, but the lowest GoodRx price for the most common version is $10.49, which represents a 71% discount.

The average retail price of generic Zithromax is $37.22, however, the lowest GoodRx price for the most common version is $10.49 which is a discount of 71%.

How much does azithromycin cost without insurance?

The cost of azithromycin without insurance can vary, but it is typically around $7.10 for the most common version according to GoodRx. Without insurance, individuals may pay up to $5,000 for the medication.

Is azithromycin the same as Z Pak?

Azithromycin is a type of antibiotic that is commonly sold under the brand name Z-Pak. It is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections and is usually taken over a five-day course.

How much does a Z pack cost?

The Z-Pack is actually Azithromycin at 250mg per tab and costs around 15+ dollars per pill. It can be expensive compared to getting a prescription for Azithromycin, which comes in a dose pack of 30 pills for around 16+ dollars.

The cost of a six-tablet supply of Azithromycin Dose Pack oral tablet 250 mg is approximately $25 for cash-paying customers, subject to variation based on the chosen pharmacy. This pricing is not eligible for insurance plans.

According to GoodRx, the most commonly prescribed version of Xarelto has a lowest retail price of $504.30 which is a reduction of 15% compared to the average retail price of $598.37.

What are GoodRx prices?

GoodRx prices are determined by pharmacy cash prices that change frequently, so they are updated often to ensure accuracy. Prices may increase or decrease over time.

Can GoodRx save you 80% on prescription drugs?

According to a report from Clark Howard, the GoodRx app can potentially save consumers up to 80% off the price of prescription drugs. The app highlights $4 generics and even medications that are free and offers competitive prices on popular generic medications. Before using GoodRx, it's recommended that consumers do some research and understand how the app works.

Can I use GoodRx instead of insurance?

GoodRx offers a viable alternative to insurance for prescription medications. With the GoodRx Prescription Discount Card, you can save up to 80% on most prescriptions at over 70,000 pharmacies across the United States. By signing up for the card, you can avoid paying full price for your medications and get the discounts you deserve.

What is a GoodRx Prescription Savings Card?

The GoodRx Prescription Savings Card is a free discount card that can be obtained when signing up. It functions like an insurance card and can be used to receive pharmacy discounts. It does not have any fees, obligations or expiration. It is a convenient option for those who do not want to search for drug prices online or generate electronic coupons.

According to GoodRx, the most common generic version of Zithromax is available at a low price of $10.49, which is 71% less than the average retail cost of $37.22.

How much does a Z pack cost without insurance?

Without insurance, a prescription or refill of Azithromycin can cost approximately $4,617.39. The cost for Azithromycin Dose Pack oral tablet 500 mg is around $32 for a supply of 3 tablets, depending on the pharmacy you visit.

How much is Z pack?

The price of Z-Pack (Zithromax) 500mg 6tab is $30.54 USD, but currently on sale for $10.08 USD at Mexipharmacy. It is important to consult a doctor before taking any medication as prescription is required.

Is a Z pack Safe to take?

The Z-Pack is safe to take and can be taken alongside various medications, as prescribed by a healthcare professional. It is convenient for treating specific infections and health conditions, at the appropriate strength. However, it is important for individuals with underlying heart conditions to check with their doctor before taking Azithromycin (Z-Pak).

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