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Using the great power of film to inspire teens to become responsible citizens, ethical leaders and fulfilled Americans

About TrueSpark

We teach positive character development in America's youth through the watching of inspiring movies and engagement in dynamic discussions. We use the power of film to inspire teens to become responsible citizens and ethical leaders, helping them live fulfilling lives.

Our Activities

Screening Program

An interactive educational experience for middle school and high school students that combines movie viewing, character education activities, and participant recognition.



Persistence and Creativity

Persistence is a character trait that we all have the ability to harness in order to achieve our goals. Recent studies show that persistence is key in coming up with creative solutions to whatever problems we may face. Read this article from Pacific Standard for more details on these studies, and to learn why it […]

The Increasing Importance of Teams

Recent studies from scientists at top universities reveal the increasing dominance of teams in a company setting. In tandem with research from other organizations, including the CIA and National Transportation Safety Board, this article from Digital Tonto delves into the reasoning behind such an increase in prioritizing the team over the individual. Not only is […]

Harnessing the Power of the Productive Struggle

The productive struggle method of teaching is meant to give students a chance to work through problems on their own rather than wait for teachers to give them all of the answers. This article from Edutopia provides classroom anecdotes that illustrate the benefits of such a teaching method, including authentic student engagement with learning materials […]

Bill Gates Recommends Reading About Character

At the end of 2015, Bill Gates published a blog post entitled ‘The Best Books I Read in 2015.’ In this post he explained six different books that he read during the year, two of which actually dealt with themes of improving one’s character. The fact that one-third of Gates’ book recommendations deals with themes […]

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2015 Sparky Award Winners

Each year TrueSpark kids and the TrueSpark team acknowledge the outstanding talents, efforts and achievements of Leading Ladies and Leading Men that have made a difference throughout the year.

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